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you already know I'm a photographer.

what you may not know is when I'm not documenting weddings and couples I spend my time climbing the incredible mountains all over this beautiful earth. when I'm not climbing mountains I am usually running. and when I'm not running I'm usually stuffing my face with some scrumptious food.

drop me a line using the contact form and lets get together to talk details about your wedding day and maybe even grab a bite to eat.




october 6th, 2010. my brother derek and i embarked on a journey in the foothills of rainier. first we biked 4 miles to the emerald ridge trail head then hiked 3.4 miles to the ridge. we jogged back down the trail to the bikes, rode  for a quick 10 minutes to the gobblers knob trail head. we hustled another 2.4 miles up the trail to beat the sunset where all these photos were taken. this was my first hike to the gobblers knob lookout. it was enjoyable and i will probably return for a winter snow shoe hike, but i prefer climbing the mountain itself.

2010.10.24 - Yvonne - Magnificent!!! P.S. Did you carry you camera with you while you jogged and biked the whole time? Hardcore!

2010.10.25 - Yushin - The one of the sunset with all the oranges in the sky is GORGEOUS.

2010.10.29 - Jeff Marsh - dude so fresh. stars are killer tonight. wish i was up there. last clear night for a while. rad shots

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