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you already know I'm a photographer.

what you may not know is when I'm not documenting weddings and couples I spend my time climbing the incredible mountains all over this beautiful earth. when I'm not climbing mountains I am usually running. and when I'm not running I'm usually stuffing my face with some scrumptious food.

drop me a line using the contact form and lets get together to talk details about your wedding day and maybe even grab a bite to eat.


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this is just one image of over 2000 that I took while climbing denali, a mountain in the alaska range and the highest point in north america. looking forward to posting the rest! taken from the kahiltna glacier while descending the mountain during an 11 hour day to base camp.

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last halloween i had the pleasure of meeting up with my friends Rhett and Brian from the seattle-based band BARCELONA. they were just kicking off their tour and we both happened to be in salt lake city that week. i also was able to meet Branden, the freshly appointed bassist. they will be at SXSW next […]

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perhaps it’s becoming ever increasingly difficult to define who an american is. our politicians run for office on many extreme polar viewpoints. the distance between social classes appears to be widening. the needs and wants of individual citizens is complexly unique. but I believe what america is, at its core, is largely unchanged and we […]

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I had a rare summer weekend wide open. so I corralled a few friends and headed east to leavenworth to chase the sun and find some crack. night climbing is a rush.

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