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you already know I'm a photographer.

what you may not know is when I'm not documenting weddings and couples I spend my time climbing the incredible mountains all over this beautiful earth. when I'm not climbing mountains I am usually running. and when I'm not running I'm usually stuffing my face with some scrumptious food.

drop me a line using the contact form and lets get together to talk details about your wedding day and maybe even grab a bite to eat.



this is one of my favorite portraits i have made with my pentax k1000. the exposure was captured on fujichrome color slide film. after i finished this roll of film, my camera sat around for quite a while (over a year-and-a-half) but, i have finally picked up the k1000 again! this time loaded with some ilford hp5 plus 400 | pure b&w goodness. i always enjoy the mystery in developing a roll of film; there is a certain suspense that accompanies the prints. now i just need to find someone with a digital negative scanner like the nikon 5000 ed…..anybody own one???!


2009.09.03 - kjrsten - I love this image. film is my favorite.

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