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you already know I'm a photographer.

what you may not know is when I'm not documenting weddings and couples I spend my time climbing the incredible mountains all over this beautiful earth. when I'm not climbing mountains I am usually running. and when I'm not running I'm usually stuffing my face with some scrumptious food.

drop me a line using the contact form and lets get together to talk details about your wedding day and maybe even grab a bite to eat.



when relaxing, i like to pretend i know how to play the guitar. my 6 string breedlove is the beauty i play. purchased 10 months ago, we have been good friends since. i’m currently learning the tab to Dave Grohl’s masterpiece, everlong, one of my all time favorite songs. it’s better to take a look at her than hear me play though! so here are 2 frames.


2009.10.04 - Clarissa - Everlong is not only my favorite FF song, but one of my all time favorites. Good choice. :)

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